Dear White People Ep. 10: Sam, Finale

It’s the episode of the protest and Sam is really hung up on Gabe. In the studio, Reggie reads his poem on air as eh watches Gabe and Sam talk. I don’t like the fact that Sam I stuck on Gabe when Reggie is clearly a better choice since he can actually understand where she’s coming from when it comes to the Black narrative. That is the major reason I only date Black men. We experience the same oppression and I am not for being a bedwench and having my ancestors rollover in their graves.

Coco overtakes the town hall meeting to silence any questions that will be asked by any Black student, to prevent opposition. She is a true coon, at it’s core. Of course the white people show up and make it an all lives issue, which is usually how it goes. White people want to make everything about them, in any scenario when it’s about someone else other than them.

Coco’s sneaky ass takes over the meeting and locks Troy outside to prevent any pushback. I can see she’ll end up with a white man. She strategically takes questions from those who are for the town hall meeting. This allows for none of the opposing people to have a chance to speak so that the donors don’t pull out.

Then Lionel comes through with the muthafucking come through and spills all the tea on Hancock and their dealings in the school. I shouted for absolute joy. Then Gabe comes to the realization that interracial dating on  white campus just will not work, which he should’ve known to begin with.

Troy busts the windows on the doors and gets arrested by the police. One cop reaches for a gun and his dad comes out screaming not to shoot. Silvio finally lets Lionel know he’s into him and Reggie tells Joelle that nothing is going on between him and Sam, giving her the go to move in.

The episode ends with everyone in AP, watching a show called Defamation which is a knock off of Scandal. Everything is kind of up in the air.

I am definitely anxious for the next season to drop. I hate that I waited this long to watch it. If you have not watched Dear White People, watch it.


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